A crocodile in ancient Egyptian religion Idol "casting" or: "Sobek" is one of the most important ancient Egyptian deities worshiped in the form of a crocodile, as worship is due to prehistoric times. It is the oldest evidence for this idol, seal inscriptions from the "Tarkhan", the historian of the era of "Narmer", depicts "Sobek" above the base near the temple

    Has centered worship in "Fayoum" since the era of the first family, has been mentioned in the "Pyramid Texts" as a son of the goddess "Nate." Cult emerged "Sobek" during the Middle Kingdom with the new, near the capital of the "Fayoum", where he was the Lord protector
As has won particular importance during the Middle Kingdom, where he entered in the structures of the names of some kings, such as (Sobek; Sobek حوتب); due to the transmission of the capital to "Att - Tawi," and the growing interest in Fayoum, which is one of the most important citizen of worship and reverence for the crocodile in Egypt old

The spread booths cult "Sobek" in many places, but the most important centers of worship were in the scope of the region, "attracted the" old (City "Fayoum"), which was the seat of the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty

And second place for worship was in the "Kom Ombo" in Upper Egypt, where he participated and his wife "Hathor" and the Son "Khonsu" temple with idol "Hur", and was head of a Trinity "Kom Ombo" (casting, Hathor, Khonsu, Populus)

Worship has continued through the different eras until the Greek and Roman eras. There are some important local centers of worship, which is located in the "mountains", and "mountain chain".The temples were usually supplied by a lake and pools of water to contain the sacred animal (Crocodile)

Has been known crocodile "Casting" anguish of water according to its nature (it is said that the Nile stems from the race); and also Oaraf carb bush areas and swamps, where the settles often alligator. Has been known "Sobek" also known as the (master "Pago"), the legendary mountain horizon, which asserts the existence of his Temple of agate. And has been associated "Sobek" as well as the areas of worship and reverence for some of the other gods, especially the "Amen", and "Auxerre", especially those special places in the Lord of the sun in his image, "Sobek Ra". This has led the link with sun god Bchbiha the god "Helios" in Greek

The name means (Crocodile), so the pictures "Sobek" in the animal body full of crocodile, or in the Adamic body with a crocodile, topped ريشتان and ox horn flanking the sun disk. As pictures a crocodile head of a ram body, or vice versaa

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