And returns the first roots of the goddess "Hathor" to worship and reverence for the cow brutal since the pre-and early dynastic period, which then consecrated as the embodiment of nature and fertility. Have been associated with "Hathor" the idea goddess mother, and linked to other forms of female (the great chest of the mother goddess), which dates back to the pre-dynastic times, been linked in these statues with the first image to form "Hathor" the

Name has been known "Hathor" since the Archaic period, almost through the names and titles of the priests, which received seals inscriptions from this period, through the title (priest "Hathor" in all places of worship), or:Hm-nTr t-Hr, Hm-nTr t-Hr, nbt nhtPriest "Hathor," priest "Hathor," Lady sycamore tree

The religious rites and ceremonies which they were held, was founded probably almost since the Fourth Dynasty, and there is evidence that the presence of priests, men and women in many places of worship since the fourth family to say the least

And linked to maternity, then Palmabboud "Ra" and ownership as the god "Horus" King, daughter of the god "Ra" since he became the doctrine of the sun like a large, have formed a relationship property rites and beliefs

Based on all the foregoing, widened worship to include Egypt as a whole, and numerous forms and places of worship has made it difficult to determine the status of worship main; albeit the most important of these centers through the old state, and perhaps the oldest is "Dendera", the capital of Region VI of Upper Egypt, which which moved and overwhelmed worship on the region VII next door, the headquarters of worship goddess "Pat", as it did with Idol (Iqr) crocodile in Region VI, and "Maine" in "Qeft." has widened and spread worship throughout historical eras, even eras Greek and Romanian

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