Asian Cheetah

                  It is a species of endangered cheetah and strongly, this leopard resides in is currently only in Iran, after it was widespread across the Middle East. It is now known by Fahd Iran | Iranian cheetah, and leopard lives in the Iranian desert Iranian particularly where has some protection. However, this protection is not sufficient and so to return to this desert fragmented, due to oil installations and other human development projects, which reduces the opportunity to meet with each Panthers for the purpose of mating and thus increase the genetic diversity.

Known cheetah the Indian Bafahad Asian despite the extinction of India and the Arab Bafahad in Arab areas which he lived, and the Arabs call it the tiger hunter and so did the British who saw him in India during the era of colonization of the country. Word has been launched because the princes fisherman Arabs and Indians were retain some domesticated Asian leopards and use them to fish.

Asian leopard severely endangered, nor can view the status of natural wild only in the Iranian desert in very rare cases in southwest Pakistan. Recent statistics show that there are between 70 to 100 Fahd Asian remaining in the wild, the majority of which inhabit Iran and a minority of them inhabit Pakistan.

Asian numbers Fahd fell for various reasons, including desertification, Aantat the room and Tdzoth, direct hunting prey upon which the Asian leopard in his diet. In particular, those that are considered favorite game for recreational fishing, and are required by illegal hunters.     

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