Bird represents "ibis" two different bodies, either the bird, "ibis" Ibis, or Authority monkey (baboon); Both are associated with the moon. Usually what was depicted in the Adamic body with a father ibis, which is the most photographed him, or depicted in the form of a monkey (baboon) seated. The bird (Ibis) - which became a symbol of the god "Thoth" - has appeared on Asalayat of prehistoric and early dynastic period

Ibis bird. Egyptian Museum

    It was "ibis" Ibis or Idol "چhoty" on the degree of importance during the era of the old state, and demonstrates that referred to in a number of paragraphs of "Pyramid Texts." Was also associated in the Lord of the Sun "Ra", where he was one الربين who accompanied the "Ra" in his journey across the sky Pyr.128

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