Known as the Jackal in ancient Egyptian texts as (Inpw), namely: (royal son). And mentions "Bd" (Budge) that the word (inp) means: (rot), which shows the link Idol "Anubis" corpses and the dead, those that rot if kept well preserved

     Others consider that the word in the sense: (annexation, linking, wrapped in a roll), which would mummy wrapped in linen wrap, and by a jackal "Anubis" guarded. While some interpreted the word to mean (Prince, royalist child), a metaphor for the membership of filiation Idol "Auxerre." The Egyptian character name "INBO" in Greek, "Anubis" after the addition of the letter (s) evidencing flags

The Idol "Anubis" is the fourth son of the god "Ra", and in another novel in the Late Period stated that "grew panels" (Nephthys) has carried its "Auxerre"; and fear of her husband, "six" threw him in somewhere in the Delta, but "Izza "and grandmother became her bodyguard, and therefore it is said that" INBO "He (Ibn Izza)

It takes "Anubis" a body jackal animal, a dog factions, depicts in the form of dog / jackal Rada compartment represent and cemetery interface, black, and his ears look big, and sometimes wears around his neck gasket might have magical power. Has been depicted in the form of old housed Bushra body and the animal's head, or in the full human body that are rarely depicted

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