African elephant

 African elephant

Is the largest wild animal like an elephant Asian and differs in the ear because the African elephant has authorized as large as the fan moves back and forth to reduce the temperature and the skin is rough phenomenon and skin color is not black like the Asian elephant, but the color brown for a reason to sleep in water and mud, therefore changing skin color to brown and strangest Asian elephant ivory is having in the male and female and the Asian elephant Ivory presence only in the male

Home to live and food
There is a continent Avriqiaan African elephant eat food in the day and the night and come to discuss food and water about 18-20 hours a day and food loving foliage fresh and dried rind of trees, fruits, and the amount of food a day between 100-120 kg and water about 80-150 liters and if Compare with the Asian elephant the African elephant eats less than the Asian elephant

Behavior and reproduction
 Preparing African elephant reproduction after reaching about 5-18 years old and often spawn in winter and pregnancy takes between 22-24 months and generate each time only one newborn baby has long hair in the body and the mother raising her son about 2-3 years and during that time boy drinking mother's milk until complete that period and come out to discuss his food-born himself

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