India Elephant

 India  Elephant

Back convex slightly, slightly higher than the shoulder and rump, and ranges rising Indian elephant male at the shoulder of the (2-3), and weighs about (1000 kg), and the total length of the largest elephant Indian (3 m), while rising up Female elephant about Indian (2 m) and weigh about 3000 kg

But most of the Indian elephants pale gray skin color, perhaps punctuated by patches of pink or white, Indian and Phil Snaman when submitted by the head and above the ears. The Indian elephant ears half the size of the African elephant ears and do not cover the shoulders
But most of the Indian male elephants tusks grow up to (1 - 1.5 m). However, some Indian male elephants and called Mkoacz without tusks, and most females without them, but for some female canines too short

Hose Indian elephant skin softer hose from the skin of the African elephant, and there is a fleshy bump and one at the tip in the form of a finger. But most of the Indian elephants five toes on each front foot and four on each foot background

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