Red-winged starling

Is it a bird Red-winged Starling of the Sturnidae starling family native to eastern Africa from Ethiopia to South Africa's green

The wispy crest of elongate, hackled feathers on the shiny black crown of the Brahminy oscine bird (Sturnus pagodarum) distinguishes this little bird from alternative species of comparable size and colouration. The hackles might reach the back end and higher breast, that square measure each cinnamon in color with pale streaks on the feather shafts. The underparts, cheeks and throat of the Brahminy oscine bird square measure cinnamon, changing into greyer on the flanks. The mantle, back, wing-coverts and rump square measure all gray coloured with brown, whereas the blackish-brown primary feathers have some white at the bottom. The tail is grey-brown with white tips to any or all however the central combine of feathers. there's alittle whitish patch of clean skin behind the eyes, that square measure pale dark-green in color, whereas the bill is yellow, colored slightly bluer at the bottom. The legs square measure yellow

The female Brahminy oscine bird seems the same as the male, however with a shorter crest and darker colored mantle. The juvenile lacks the crested feathers and is way duller and browner on the rear and crown, with buff colored underparts. The legs of juvenile birds square measure flesh colored and therefore the iris is gray, whereas the bill lacks the blue base

The Brahminy oscine bird produces a rambling warble of the many varied notes and mimicry of alternative species, whereas calls embody harsh shrieks, and a recurrent alarm decision of grating ‘churrs
Although less gregarious than several alternative oscine bird species, tending to measure in pairs or in little family teams, the Brahminy oscine bird can congregate in larger flocks throughout the non-breeding season and around sources of well endowed food. it's going to conjointly roost communally in trees, shrubs and reed beds, and can nest colonially if the supply of nest holes permits
The breeding season runs from Feb to September, with breeding occurring earlier within the a lot of southern components of its vary, and slightly later within the north. The Brahminy oscine bird is monogamous  and each sexes contribute to assembling the nest, that is often associate degree untidy structure of grass, dead leaves, paper and alternative materials, placed within the hole of a tree. The Brahminy oscine bird conjointly uses holes in walls or within the roofs of buildings, and can use nestboxes if no alternative appropriate nest sites ar gift

The appeal show of the Brahminy oscine bird takes place on the bottom, with the male singing and standing erect, puffing out the feathers on the chest and crest and fanning the tail up and down. the feminine lays a clutch of between three and five, usually 4, pale blue eggs that ar incubated by each sexes for a amount of twelve days. The chicks ar fed by each adult birds till they leave the nest once eighteen to twenty one days     

The Brahminy oscine bird usually feeds on a good form of invertebrates, in addition because the fruits, berries, flowers and nectar of a spread of plant species. Juvenile birds ar fed primarily with invertebrates and tiny amounts of plant matter. The Brahminy oscine bird forages extensively on the bottom, usually in association with alternative oscine bird

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