Lonchura cantans

Silver African beak

African (Lonchura cantans) is a small passerine bird is already Silver bill species of Asian Indian, this is Finch estrildid a common resident breeding birds in the dry savannah habitats, to the south of the Sahara. Has also been shown for this kind of few countries such as Portugal, Qatar, and the United States

This species could be a massive oscine with a significant, slightly hooked bill. Males area unit yellow in color on the pinnacle and breast, with a yellow-grey back and rump, and boring white underparts. The wings and tail feathers area unit darker with golden-yellow edges . Females and juveniles disagree slightly to males in look, being greyer on top of and on the hindneck. They even have fine streaks on the pinnacle, breast, and back, and greyer edges on the wing feathers. This finch's decision sounds like that of a canary

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