Snake "Apophis"

Snake "Apophis"

    It deities taken her body snake, idol snake named "trouble", which appears in the compound of the sun to help the sun god; Serpent "Apophis", traditional arch-enemy of the sun god. It goddesses "passed Sager" in the "good Bank." He has appeared many deities caecilians 

Authority in religious books in the era of the modern state
A papyrus within the borough depository that served as a manual for a doctor treating bite reveals that the Egyptians had Associate in Nursing intimate data of snakes. though the start of the papyrus is lost, it might have listed the names of some xxxvii. a minimum of 36 species (some sources say thirty four, 37, or 40, of that Associate in Nursing calculable seven ar poisonous) are known in fashionable Egypt, however the traditional classification possibly didn't correspond precisely to the fashionable ones. The papyrus offers a physical description of every snake and its home ground, in conjunction with precise descriptions of the symptoms created by every snake's venom, whether or not or not the bite is mortal, and therefore the name of the god or immortal of that the snake is taken into account to be a manifestation. Following the list of snakes may be a list of remedies to cure bite victims. a number of the remedies ar specific for sure kinds of snakes, whereas alternative were for specific symptoms. These remedies enclosed emetics, compresses, unctions, massages, incision of wounds and fumigations. there have been additionally sorcerous incantations that were spoken over the remedies. The ingredients within the remedies embody liquids and substances of mineral, animal and vegetable origin. the foremost common ingredient is onion, still used ofttimes in Egyptian people drugs nowadays to treat bite

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