Alabama Zoo

Alabama Zoo 
In Gregorian calendar month of 1989 The Alabama Gulf Coast installation opened its doors the general public. The installation starting was a humble one and was the results of a donation by the Ward family. In 1991 the family given seventeen acres of prime Gulf Coast assets for the institution of the installation. The gesture of out of the question kindles launched the park into one in all Alabama's prime holidaymaker attractions, drawing youngsters and adults alike to it's excess of animals

Over three hundred species can entertain you and your family as you walk the recently expanded  park trails and pathways. From bears and monkeys, to lions, lizards, and birds, you will find just about everything you'd wish to envision here at this quaint coastal installation
Alabama Zoo 

Over the course of its life the installation has survived several grave challenges. when an immediate hit from cyclone Ivan the installation suffered over a 0.5 million greenbacks in damages. tho' through myriad hours of labor and also the dedication of dozens of installation employees members and volunteers the installation was fastened and reopened. even as the installation was returning to traditional operation disaster smitten once more within the sort of cyclone Katrina, ravaging the installation and its animal population. tho' another time "the very little installation that could" survived, rebuilt, and is currently reopened nevertheless again

The installation is actually a testament to humanities generosity and love of animals. the little installation, that started as nothing over one family's donation, has evolved into an incredible attraction. From the many animals and family friendly walking trails to the equipped shop and bountiful style of restaurants, well in brief, you are going to like this zoo

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