Andean flamingo

Andean flamingo 
Latin Name Phoenicoparrus andinus
Conservation Status Vulnerable
Location South America
Colour Pinkish/White
Height one - 1.4 m (3.25 - 4.60 ft)
Wingspan one - 1.6 m (3.25 - 5.25 ft)
Weight Up to four Kgs (8.8 lbs)
Life Expectancy Up to forty Yrs

Main Characteristics

Andean flamingos reach heights between one and one.4 m (3.25 - 4.60 ft), they need a length between one and one.6 m (3.25 - 5.25 ft) and that they weigh up to four kgs (8.8 lbs)

They are light-weight pink in color with their head, neck and higher breast being darker. As young birds they're gray in color however their animal material slowly turns pink as they mature. Their long, skinny legs and feet square measure yellow in color and their massive, downward curvilineal bill is yellow with an intensive black tip

Andean Flamingos have a loud honking decision that's like that of a goose they additionally communicate employing a wing salute, stretching up their neck and flipping up their tail
Andean flamingo 


Andean Flamingos square measure found within the lakes and lagoons of the range of mountains mountains. they're extremely gregarious birds and kind flocks containing thousands of people

Andean flamingo 

Andean flamingo 


Andean Flamingos square measure filter feeders and that they in the main meet diatoms and alga
Andean flamingo 


Andean Flamingos breed in colonies containing thousands of people, throughout December and Jan. They manufacture one chalky white egg that's ordered on a mud mound in shallow water. each oldsters incubate the egg that takes twenty seven - thirty one days to hatch

Upon hatching the chicks square measure coated in white/grey down feathers and that they square measure fed a substance referred to as "crop milk" that comes from the parents' higher GI tract. Either parent will feed the chick this fashion and different flamingos will act as foster feeders. once the chicks square measure sufficiently old to run they gather along in creches that square measure watched over by a number of adult birds
Andean flamingo 

By the time young flamingos reach half-dozen - ten months previous they're able to support themselves and at three - half-dozen years previous they'll have reached sexual maturity and gained their full adult animal material


Andean Flamingos don't have several predators. Chicks square measure preyed upon by culpeo foxes and birds of prey


There aren't any taxonomic group of the chain wading bird

Interesting Facts

The chain wading bird is closely associated with the Puna wading bird

Flamingo comes from the latin word for flame

The flamingo's characteristic pink colouring is caused by the beta carotene in their diet

Andean flamingo 

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