Banggai cardinalfish

The Banggai percoid fish is a superb storage tank species, strikingly handsome and simple to stay, even for beginners. In smaller aquariums, it's best unbroken one by one or in familiar pairs, as males can fight one another to the death if closely confined.

Mating pairs could become aggressive to tankmates, particularly in smaller community settings. in a very spacious community storage tank or a species tank, they're eyecatching and ideal reef fish.

Many reports recommend that wild-caught Banggai Cardinals area unit vulnerable to dying among weeks of being foreign. Some observers have damn a "mystery virus" and/or a eubacterium.

Additionally, assortment pressures on wild populations could also be golf stroke this species in danger. it had been listed as "endangered" on the IUCN Red List in 2007.


Carnivore. supply meaty foods, together with sliced food, adult branchiopod crustacean, Mysis shrimp, and frozen preparations for carnivores. Live foods can facilitate condition fish and stimulate breeding behaviors.

Aquarium compatibility:

Easy to stay, once acclimated and uptake. Serious territorial squabbles could occur in teams of Banggai Cardinals if housed in smaller tanks. A shoal could need an oversized tank (100 gallons [379 L] or more).

Special care

New specimens, unless captive-bred, could refuse to eat, become gaunt, and perish. Feeding live adult branchiopod crustacean for the primary week could be a sensible answer. supply food a minimum of double daily. (If live mysid shrimps area unit offered, they're a superior supply of nutrition and few fish will resist them.) Some aquarists advocate feeding the fry of fresh livebearers, like Guppies or Mollies.

Live branchiopod crustacean is enriched by adding Selcon to their water for many hours before they're fed to fishes.

Gradually combine in frozen high-quality meaty foods at feeding times, like Mysis shrimp, and that they are weaned off live food. High-protein enriched pellets can even be worked into the diet.


Mouthbrooder. Male carries eggs in his rima oris and doesn't eat for a amount of many weeks. Fry emerge absolutely pigmented and prepared to eat baby branchiopod crustacean (Artemia nauplii). folks can eat young if they're not separated quickly.

See this text by Dr. Frank Marini for AN account of early success breeding the Banggai Cardinal: Banggai Breeding I.

See also Matthew Wittenrich's Breeder's Guide to Marine Fishes (Microcosm/TFH, 2007) for a full account of a way to breed this and different cardinalfishes. cf his opinion piece: Boycotting the Wild Banggai percoid fish.

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