Beluga whale

Belugas also are referred to as white whales, and their uncommon color makes them one in all the foremost acquainted and simply distinguishable of all the whales. Calves square measure born grey or perhaps brown and solely fade to white as they become sexually mature around 5 years older

White whales square measure small, starting from thirteen to twenty feet (4 to six.1 meters) long. they need rounded foreheads and no fin

Belugas usually live along in tiny teams called pods. they're social animals and extremely vocal communicators that use a heterogeneous language of clicks, whistles, and clangs. Belugas may mimic a range of different sounds

These whales square measure common within the Arctic Ocean's coastal waters, tho' they're found in polar circle waters still. Arctic belugas migrate southward in giant herds once the ocean freezes over. Animals at bay by Arctic ice usually die, and that they square measure prey for polar bears, killer whales, and for Arctic individuals. they're afraid by endemic individuals of the north, and by industrial fisheries that brought some populations, like those within the Gulf of St. Lawrence, to close collapse

Beluga go after fish, crustaceans, and worms. The whale is said to the tusked "unicorn" whale called the narwal. The beluga isn't associated with the ganoid fish of constant name, that has been heavily fished for its notable roe

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