Bull shark

Bull shark

Bull sharks area unit aggressive, common, and typically live close to high-population areas like tropical shorelines. they're not fazed by briny and fresh, and even venture way landlocked via rivers and tributaries

Because of these characteristics, several consultants think about bull sharks to be the foremost dangerous sharks within the world. traditionally, they're joined by their a lot of far-famed cousins, nice whites and tiger sharks, because the 3 species possibly to attack humans

Bull sharks get their name from their short, blunt snout, similarly as their pugnacious disposition and a bent to head-butt their prey before assaultive. they're medium-size sharks, with thick, stout bodies and long pectoral fins. they're grey on prime and white below, and therefore the fins have dark tips, notably on young bull sharks

They are found cruising the shallow, heat waters of all the world’s oceans. Fast, agile predators, they're going to eat virtually something they see, together with fish, dolphins, and even alternative sharks. Humans aren't, per se, on their menus. However, they frequent the mirky waters of estuaries and bays, and sometimes attack folks unknowingly or out of curiosity

Bull sharks presently aren't vulnerable or vulnerable. However, they're fished wide for his or her meat, hides, and oils, and their numbers area unit doubtless shrinking. One study has found that their average lengths have declined considerably over the past few decades

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