The Dodo was a non bird that lived on the island of Mauritius, and stood regarding forty inches tall. The Dodo nested entirely on the bottom

It became extinct solely some hundred years agone, within the late seventeenth century.. The extinction of the Dodo bird is directly concerned in human intervention. Sadly this is often not the sole case of such animals being drained by our actions

The Dodo, that had not are available contact with humanity, was purportedly entirely fearless of them, and this created it straightforward to use as a food or prey animal

Sailors reportedly clubbed them by the lots of, and alternative humans brought in animals to the islands like cats, dogs and art iodactyl, which might invade the realm and disturb the nests of the Dodo

The Dodo survived but a century when its discovery by man

Depredation of humans has conjointly chop-chop abate alternative species on the island also
In a world wherever one species might depend upon the survival of another, the Dodo’s story is not any exception

A specific tree on identical island began to decrease in numbers when the death of the Dodo

It was found that solely by passing through the viscus tract of the Dodo was the seed able to germinate

Fortunately since the tree was notably slow to grow and mature, this was detected in time. A individual found that by feeding the fruit to turkeys they may force the germination of the seed in an exceedingly few cases and therefore the trees began to grow, though slowly once more on the island

This should prove a lesson to North American country as a species

Those things that we tend to exterminate nowadays, by negligence or alternative means that, is also the terribly issue upon that we'll rely for our own survival within the future and take to a small degree a lot of care in our use of them

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