Ghazal Queen of Sheba

                  Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animals
Division: Chordata
Sect: Mammals
Rank: Artiodactyla
Family: bovids
Gender: deer: Gazella
Type: Yemen: bilkis the
Scientific name: Gazella bilkis

Ghazal Queen of Sheba or Ghazal Yemen is one of the factions deer extinct, which was confined to certain areas in Yemen only, without other states, and presumably some experts at the Museum of Natural History American that this species is in fact a breed of Arabian gazelle, not a platoon independent alone. This deer was living in the mountains and areas Alhiabih in Yemen, and since 1951 there is no longer any in-kind views after being arrested on five headers in the mountains in the province of Taiz, where these animals were scattered at the time.

Not left any member of these animals, whether alive or Mhanta, as no report has been received or watching in-kind benefit from his presence, He has some research and monitoring operations in areas where it was previously inhabited this Ghazal but all failed. However, in 1985 photographed a few deer in a farm pile for wildlife in Qatar, said about the animal world Colin Groves as belonging to the Yemeni deer probably, but so far this is still uncertain.

Habitat and shelter

This deer was spreading only in the high plains and hills surrounding the city of Taiz in Yemen, where they see a move individually or in a group of 3 individuals in the areas of plant bass at an altitude of between 1,230 and 2,150 meters, did not see these animals never knew them or it existed in the reclaimed land or beside roads and human settlements.

Join the platoon

It was alleged in 1951 that these deer are plentiful number, in the same year was five heads of constipation can be found today in the Chicago Museum of Natural History, and since that time has not been reported for any Show in kind to those animals. In 1992, has a mission to explore the area, which was inhabited by deer, but they failed to find any live animal ones, have reported the population in that region also that they had never seen a deer in decades, nor did any animal which resides at that time in zoos European and American.

I consider one of the scientists (Harrison) Ghazal Yemen extinct since 1991, has taken this into consideration by the Group competent Bazaba of the Federation of the global protection in the last census a global them (2001) and in Part IV of the Regional Action Plan to maintain the antelope Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Officially declared extinct Ghazal Queen of Sheba in the 1999 Red List of endangered species Balathadulaalmi for Conservation of Nature.

Underway some DNA tests on deer stuffed in the Chicago Museum of Natural History to determine whether a stand-alone or platoon is a breed of Arabian gazelle, and to make sure that the DNA is identical to that acid captive deer in Qatar. In addition, there are several tests performed on the DNA of all deer species that inhabit the Arabian Peninsula, so that they can be to distinguish them more clearly, and pending the results should be considered Ghazal Yemen extinct.

Nearby factions

The Queen of Sheba Ghazal soon to platoons of deer is extinct Arabian gazelle and red deer, one of which, an Arabian gazelle who knew of only Knights Islands, Saudi Arabia, is closer to this species from the other 

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