Is a kind of small birds in the family Pipridae. It is found in the north-east of Argentina, Brazil, South Southeast, Paraguay

They range in size from seven to fifteen cm (2.8-6 in) and in weight from eight to thirty g (0.28-1.1 oz). The genus Tyranneutes comprise the littlest manakins, the genus Antilophia area unit believed to be the most important (since the Schiffornis genus are not any longer thought of manikins). they're compact short birds with short tails, broad and rounded wings, and large heads. The bill is brief and includes a wide gap. Females and freshman males have uninteresting inexperienced feather; most species area unit sexually dichromatic in their plumage the males being largely black with hanging colors in patches, and in some species having long, ornamental tail or crown feathers or erectile throat feathers. In some species, males from 2 to four years previous have a particular subadult feather.

The syrinx or "voicebox" is distinctive in manakins, setting them with the exception of the connected families family Cotingidae and superfamily Tyrannidae. what is more, it's therefore acutely variable at intervals the cluster that genera and even species will be known by the syrinx alone, in contrast to birds of most oscine families. The sounds created area unit whistles, trills, and buzzes

Many manakin species have spectacular lekking entreaty rituals, that square measure particularly elaborate within the genera genus Pipra and Chiroxiphia. The members of the genera Machaeropterus and Manacus have heavily changed wing feathers, that they use to form abuzz and snapping sounds. Building of the nest (an open cup, usually low in vegetation), incubation for eighteen to twenty one days, and care of the young for thirteen to fifteen days square measure undertaken by the feminine alone, since most manakins don't type stable pairs. (The equipped  Manakin will type pairs, however the male's contribution is restricted to defensive the territory.) the conventional clutch is 2 eggs, that square measure buff or boring white marked with brown.

Lekking polygamy looks to own been a characteristic of the family's original root, and also the associated sexual choice light-emitting diode to AN radiation during which relationships will be copied by similarities in displays. AN organic process rationalization connecting lekking to herbivorous has been projected

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