The Snake Gods ar adorned and celebrated all told the Hindu temples of the planet. From several centuries the Snake Gods are given prominence within the lifetime of most of the Hindu individuals. the feminine immortal is termed as Nagarani and also the Male God as Nagarajan.and idols of each Gods ar placed all told the foremost Hindu temples of India. In some villages of South India, they need been adorned within the live kind and their shelter, insect nest, is additionally unbroken in several temples of the country. Pariticularly on Fridays they're given raw eggs and milk. The devotees of them place the raw eggs and also the cup of milk close their shelter and if the snakes are extremely living there, they'll embark in night times to drink the eggs and milk

Lord Shiva , the nice God of Hinduism, is sporting the God Nagarajan on his neck and Lord Krishna has created the immortal Adhisheshan as His bed in His home.

The Hindu individuals ar basic cognitive process that Snake Gods ar related to wealth and healthy life and that they can act as nice securities once the individuals meet difficulties in their life. it's additionally believed that Snake Gods ar having separate world and Shri Nagarajan and Shri Nagarani ar ruling that world. but The Snake Gods and alternative Holy Snakes ar underneath the management of major Gods like Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu also are the nice Snake Gods moreover as planetry deities of Hinduism. They each get prominence next to Lord Vinayaka all told the Hindu temples. they're delineate as malevolent planets as they're giving nice tribulations to the individuals just in case of unfavorable horoscopic positions. they're additionally related to several misevents and accidents within the lifetime of Hindu individuals. this can be believed by the devotees that Shri Rahu is that the each averter and creator of misevents and accidents during a life. that the individuals ar fearing to face His associated fundamental measure of Rahu Kalam, Kalam suggests that bound hours of each day. trustworthy go to of Shri Rahu would avert any obstacle and accident within the lifetime of the Hindu individuals. Shri Ketu is related to Gnan ( data ) and provides extreme tribulations to whom found lack of Gnan and sense. it's believed in Hindu's life that Shri Rahu is straight away killing by making undesirable misevents and accidents and whereas the Ketu is giving nice difficulties once he's not in favorable horoscopic position. however each Shri Rahu and Ketu ar giving all the fascinating things and events in ones life once they ar during a favorable horoscopic positions

Though these Gods ar wicked and giving tribulations to the individuals, they're given significance and celebrated by the Hindu individuals as nearly capable Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. to induce peaceful and happy life the foremost of the Hindu individuals adorn them with nice bhakthi. however some individuals ar blaming that these Gods ar the foundation causes for his or her difficulties in their life. the most issue to grasp here is that these Gods aren't mere chargeable for the sick fate of the individuals. Lack of data and lack of carefulness ar the large reasons to the foremost of misevents and accidents. we've got to form correct choices in every and each a part of our life to steer a cheerful life. once we lead a correct life, we want not blame the Gods to our misfortunes. trustworthy go to of Shri Rahu and Shri Ketu and strategically life ar showing success all told components of our life.

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