Tigers area unit significantly distributed from the high chain of mountains to the torrent timberland of southern Western Ghats and from the dry woods of Rajasthan to the dank backwoods of north- Malay Archipelago

The tiger is one among the foremost intensive and most awe exalting predators within the globe. This species beyond question interests every eye it meets. The figure length of the lofty male extends from 275- 290 cm and of the feminine around 260 cm. the scale and color fluctuate in line with the region and atmosphere. Tiger is single and territorial and therefore the territory of a mature person male could incorporate territories of 2 to seven females. it's flesh ingestion and chases for prey primarily by sight and sound. It bolsters on cervid, wild pig, bovid and often even totally different predators like panthers and bears

Tigers area unit additional usually than not single, other than for females with offspring. they're territorial and guys have separate territories covering the antecedently mentioned of diverse females. Male territories area unit mate placed whereas those of females area unit additional plus organized. Tigers utilize aroma (showering pee on the trees or different vegetation or keep on a scratch (stamping on tree trunks with hooks) and rub stamps on the bottom to stay up contact and promote their presence to alternates.

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