African grey parrot

African grey parrot

 ? Where is that the African gray Parrot from
As the name implies, the African gray Parrot is from the woodland of West and African nation. the traditional Egyptians were proverbial to stay them as pets. Later the Greeks and Romans did also. there's the Congo African gray and also the Timneh African gray. They each will live from 50-70 years.
What do African gray Parrots look like?
The Congo African gray Parrot, that is larger than the Timneh, is medium gray, shaded light-weight on the body. Its beak is black and tail feathers area unit red. They live regarding 12-14 inches from beak to tail and weigh between 400-650 grams. The Timneh African gray Parrot could be a darker gray with a dark maroon tail and a lightweight coloured higher jaw. Smaller in size, they live 9/11 inches and weigh regarding 275-400 
African grey parrot

?What is the temperament of the African gray Parrot

The African gray Parrot is one in all the foremost intelligent parrots. they will be tutored an in depth vocabulary of over 2000 words and may even speak in sentences. house owners believe they not solely speak however area unit able to perceive what they assert. do not be discouraged making an attempt to 
show your parrot to speak as typically it takes many months

?What area unit the care and feeding of the African gray Parrot

African Greys want legion toys to occupy them. They need human friendship also and may pay lots of free outing of the cage and interacting with you. Cages ought to be fairly giant, however not spherical. it is important to create your house bird-safe, notably the room wherever they will get into lots of hassle, typically with pots on the stove. it is not suggested to clip the wings of the African gray Parrot because it will have an effect on their balance and cause injury after they attempt to fly. Foods to avoid feeding area unit chocolate, avocado, caffeine, alcohol, apple seeds, salt and rhubarb.The place wherever you buy your African gray Parrot ought to tell you regarding their diet. Pellets and vegetables, particularly inexperienced leaved ones ought to compose the most a part of the diet. it should be suggested to offer a nutriment supplement. In any 
case, discuss with your vet
African grey parrot

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