Giza Zoo

 Giza Zoo
Khedive Ismail (1863-1879), the ruler of Egypt, was the primary to think about gap the facility on the occasion of the inauguration of the Suez Canal in 1869 however he couldn't do thus for the dearth of enough time.  On March 1, 1891, the facility at Giza was opened for the general public

It was initial established to be a arboretum, with numerous foreign rare species of the foremost stunning plants and succulent everywhere the globe

Its space is concerning eighty acres. it's set close to the geographic area of the river. Its northern tip overlooks Cairo University. it's 5 gates at every direction. The facility is underneath the management of the 
Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt

 Giza Zoo
By 1900 the annual price of the menagerie had reached L.E. 1,600 of that L.E. 1,000 was from the govt. and therefore the remainder from personal donations. Captain Stanley S. Flower World Health Organization was liable for the animals was appointed the Zoological Garden's 1st director he occupied this post till 1924 
When you visit the menagerie, you may relish walks that ar made-up with coloured pebbles set in lovely mosaic footage, and its streams, lakes, bridges, and craggy habitats for the assorted animals that it homes. These craggy aras are planted with succulent trees and notably the rare succulent fruit. Egypt's moderate climate helped preserve the lives of animals from totally different regions while not the utilization of air-conditioning for cooling or warming

The menagerie is taken into account a large exhibition of African wild life. it's a environment for several species of animals and birds that ar currently extinct in Egypt. they're to be improved to their original environments from that they were extinct. Among these ar wild sheep, ethnic group wild goat, Egyptian gazelles and Heron
 Giza Zoo

In the menagerie there are 5 cavees; the best is termed the bastion grotto that was made in 1867. it's embellished with numerous statues of the extinct Fayoum odd-toed ungulate, crocodiles and strange birds. Its upland is roofed with atiny low park that might be reached by a spiral path. it's streams, a hall in its center as a resting place and numerous statues of birds and reptiles manufactured from cement and pebbles. The streams flow through caves with white coral reefs hanging down, into waterfalls that cause a lake with 2 islands connected with a picket bridge.  
In front of the lions' house there ar 2 artificial hills connected with a rare iron suspended bridge, designed by G. Eiffel

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