Once kakapo existed throughout New island, and once it absolutely was one amongst our commonest birds. currently it's one amongst our rarest There square measure solely 131 kakapo within the world - and that they all have names. a number of them square measure funny names like Sinbad the Sailor, Nora and Richard Henry

They all survive the islands at the lowest of the island, and in Fiordland

Our giant, nocturnal parrot has evolved some uncommon habits that create it terribly special

First off, they typically solely breed in years once the imou pine tree or Dacrycarpus dacrydioides tree is mature (every 2-3 years). That’s so that they will get super-fat, so they'll lark about feeding their chicks

When they breed it's quite an performance

The male makes a special bowl, and so fills his chest pouch with air and so lets out associate degree almighty ‘boom’. This boom carries for up to 5 kilometres, and attracts females from across the land
The female can then watch him boom, and judge whether or not he would be a decent mate. this kind of pairing is termed 'lek mating' - it's once birds use a region to perform for wooing

Trouble is, the male kakapo isn’t a stay-at-home kind - the feminine will all the work. She incubates the eggs and so once they’ve hatched she must go and notice food, going her chicks alone. This makes them a straightforward hour snack for predators, like rats, possums and stoats
The kakapo is that the 

• Heaviest parrot within the world
• solely wingless parrot
• solely nocturnal parrot
• solely parrot wherever the male has expansive pectoral sacs
• solely parrot to own a Albanian monetary unit pairing system

If there was a "Guinness Book of Bird Records", the kakapo would be a star

The kakapo could be a terribly special parrot

It is a associated with the forest parrot, the kaka, and our mountain parrot, the kea. except that it's no shut relatives within the world
The kakapo doesn't fly however could be a smart climber and uses its wings for equalization
The kakapo lives to a mighty age for a bird, aiming to over sixty years previous
Kakapo feathers square measure terribly soft and moss-green in color, with some black on its back and chromatic feathers on its belly
The kakapo could be a smart color for concealing, however enemies will usually notice them due to their robust smell
Kakapo square measure strict vegetarians. They eat the fruit of imou pine, Dacrycarpus dacrydioides and mingimingi, the seeds of manuka and leatherwood (Olearia colensoi) and numerous shoots. In summer and fall they drink rata nectar, and in winter they eat sun flower bulbs.
Unfortunately, the kakapo was terribly toothsome, and settlers accustomed eat it. They weren't solely afraid, they conjointly were effectively shoed off their land, once their forests were replaced with grass, and later, cows and sheep

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