Dog-like in look, the hyena (Proteles cristata) could be a canine defined by a particular sloping back, large, pointed ears and a protracted mane running from the rear of the top to the tail varied from yellowness to nearly red in color, the hyena has thick under-fur lined with denser hair  This coat is freckled with regular black stripes – 3 on the body and one or 2 on each the fore- and hind-quarterswhile the legs and neck might also be marked with irregular stripes and spotsThe hyena incorporates a slender head and neck with a gray or black muzzle

 mammal genus cristatus.
    Lobo DE Tierra.

    Head-body length: fifty five - eighty cm
    Shoulder height: forty eight - fifty cm
    Tail length: twenty - thirty cm
    9 - 14 kg

The hyena could be a primarily nocturnal and solitary species. With a home territory of 1 to four sq. kilometres, it's extremely territorial and defines its territory by in depth scent marking . Upon encountering alternative aardwolves, it'll raise its mane as a serious warning call till recognition has been established. Fights for territory do typically occur between aardwolves, and with alternative species, notably jackals; in these instances the hyena could utter a deep-throated growl or roar, despite being typically silent at alternative times

The hyena incorporates a extremely specialised diet consisting nearly solely of harvester termites (Trinervitermes species) (9), and is ready to tolerate the harmful secretions of the white ant soldiersIn the summer, as several as three,000 termites could also be consumed every night whereas within the winter, termites square measure abundant scarcer and solely around a fifth of this range are going to be consumed, leading to a dramatic loss of body mass The aardwolf’s cheek teeth square measure very little} over two-dimensional pegs and square measure of little use; instead, it's a protracted, sticky tongue that's effective at licking termites from the soil surface in contrast to the placental (Orycteropus afer) that incorporates a equally specialised diet, the hyena lacks giant claws to capture termites thus depends alone on this methodology of feeding .

Females get season in late Gregorian calendar month and infrequently mate at intervals the primary time period of Gregorian calendar month. Following a gestation of around ninety days, generally 2 to four cubs square measure born at intervals a den, wherever they continue to be for consequent month. throughout now, the male plays a task in caring for the cubs by guarding the den, typically from territorial attacks by jackals. Between 3 and 4 month archaic, the cubs begin to forage throughout the territory with the adults and square measure weaned at the top of this era. Cubs typically leave the house territory at a couple of year archaic and infrequently come

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