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Andean flamingo

Latin NamePhoenicoparrus andinus Conservation StatusVulnerable LocationSouth America ColourPinkish/White Heightone - 1.4 m (3.25 - 4.60 ft) Wingspanone - 1.6 m (3.25 - 5.25 ft) WeightUp to four Kgs (8.8 lbs) Life Expectancy Up to forty Yrs
Main Characteristics
Andean flamingos reach heights between one and one.4 m (3.25 - 4.60 ft), they need a length between one and one.6 m (3.25 - 5.25 ft) and that they weigh up to four kgs (8.8 lbs)
They are light-weight pink in color with their head, neck and higher breast being darker. As young birds they're gray in color however their animal material slowly turns pink as they mature. Their long, skinny legs and feet square measure yellow in color and their massive, downward curvilineal bill is yellow with an intensive black tip
Andean Flamingos have a loud honking decision that's like that of a goose they additionally communicate employing a wing salute, stretching up their neck and flipping up their tail
Andean Flamingos square measure found …

Sage Grouse Spruce

More wonderful Sage-Grouse: Resident from southern Alberta and Saskatchewan south to jap Golden State, Nevada, Colorado, and American state. Inclined toward territories incorporate the open nation and  sage brush fields

Grouse square measure intensely made-up like totally different animal order chickens. they alter long from thirty one cm (12 inches) to ninety five cm (37 inches), with a weight of zero.3 weight unit (11 ounces) to six.5 weight unit (14 lbs). Guys square measure larger than females doubly as substantial within the Tetrao urogallus, the most important a part of the gang. Grouse feathers have noses. not like totally different animal order, flying creatures would like goads These food essential on buds, catkins vegetation, leaves and extensions, that frequently elucidates over ninety five % of grown-up sustenance weight. varied forest species in life is depicted by the employment of big amounts of needles, denying typically totally different vertebrates. To method sustenanc…

Alabama Zoo

In Gregorian calendar month of 1989 The Alabama Gulf Coast installation opened its doors the general public. The installation starting was a humble one and was the results of a donation by the Ward family. In 1991 the family given seventeen acres of prime Gulf Coast assets for the institution of the installation. The gesture of out of the question kindles launched the park into one in all Alabama's prime holidaymaker attractions, drawing youngsters and adults alike to it's excess of animals
Over three hundred species can entertain you and your family as you walk the recently expanded  park trails and pathways. From bears and monkeys, to lions, lizards, and birds, you will find just about everything you'd wish to envision here at this quaint coastal installation
Over the course of its life the installation has survived several grave challenges. when an immediate hit from cyclone Ivan the installation suffered over a 0.5 million greenbacks in damages. tho' through myriad h…


Over 8,000 folks square measure bitten by toxic snakes within the u.  s. every year. On average, fewer than ten bite deaths square measure reported . in truth a lot of folks die from wasp and bee stings than from snakebites. withal venomous snakes should be thought of dangerous and even non-fatal bites will cause severe pain and long lasting tissue injury
There square measure four species of toxic snakes within the u.  s.. Three, the Copperhead, Water mocassin and pit viper, belong to a bunch called pit vipers. They get this title due their extremely specialised venom equipment that embody 2 long hinged fangs and a combine of extraordinarily sensitive innervated pits that square measure situated between their eyes and nostrils. These pits square measure "heat detectors" used for searching that square measure therefore sensitive that blind  snakes are ready to accurately follow warm-blooded  prey (e.g., rodents) from a distance of six feet Rattlesnakes square measure equipped f…

California Sea Lion

The Threadbare bazaar seal genially equalizing a ball on its nose and hopping through loops is often a American state ocean lion Anyway within the wild, the American state ocean lion is associate sleek animal, faster than any viable ocean lion or seal. The same eared seals beat out at paces of by most accounts twenty five miles (40 kilometers) a hour. in contrast to alternative ocean lions, American state ocean lions haven't got lion like manes
Ocean Lions square measure extraordinarily fascinating animals that may land up being to an excellent degree large. the fellows square measure a lot of bigger than the females which inspires them to addition the aptitude to mate with them since the females can seek for the best guys out there to be with
Certain forms of ocean Lions exist within the sub ice ranges whereas others exist in hotter atmospheres incorporating American state. they need long torpedo shaped figures that square measure right supposed for developments each within the wate…

Chow Chow Dogs

Chow Chow includes a robust created, sq. profile with wide os and tiny ears, triangular, best with adjusted tips. Chow eyes "are a lot of usually than not profound settled and almond. citron Blue-black/purple idiom seems to be overwhelming, as much all amalgamated breed puppies United Nations agency hailed from a Chow hold the tongue shade. This doesn't mean, however, that every amalgamated breed puppy with spots of purple on the tongue is plummeted from Chow as purple spots on the tongue may well be discovered on various breeds the foremost often unbroken as  will return to be wildly defensive of their holders and landspets, Chow have a bent to indicate an out of doors judgment 

Regarding the matter of making ready, a verbal rectification is for the foremost half all that's tutored to line the Chow straight. No puppy could in addition ever be hit, however its significantly harmful with this breed. The furiously glad and autonomous Chow can ne'er react to physical ill-…

Tibetan Mastiff Dogs

The breed of Tibetan Mastiff dogs, can trace its roots back to ancient times and hails 
from Tibet and neighboring nomadic regions. The history of the breed can be tracked back to as early as the Bronze or Stone ages, and it is thought these dogs are descendants of the common Mastiff breeds of today.
A Tibetan Mastiff is a giant breed of dog, heavier in structure than a normal Mastiff and is more of a mountainous type of animal. The dog has a sturdy build with a large, wide head making it look much bigger than dogs of similar size and stature. A Tibetan Mastiff has a double coat with colors that range from a solid black, to black and tan, with different shades of gold, gray and brown. The coat of a Tibetan Mastiff also has patches of white on the chest or paws. This particular member of the Mastiff family has a much smoother brow than other family members and a drier mouth and a double coat prone to shedding once per year.
Because the Tibetan Mastiff is a social dog, it will revel being …

American alligator

The alligator may be a rare success story of associate degree vulnerable animal not solely saved from extinction however currently thriving. State and federal protections, surround preservation efforts, and reduced demand for alligator merchandise have improved the species' wild population to quite a million and growing nowadays
One look into these forbidding predators—with their armored, lizard-like bodies, muscular tails, and powerful jaws—and it's obvious they're envoys from the distant past. The species, scientists say, is quite a hundred and fifty million years recent, managing to avoid extinction sixty five million years agone once their prehistoric contemporaries, the dinosaurs, died off
American alligators reside nearly completely within the fresh rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes of the southeastern us, primarily Sunshine State and Louisiana
Heavy and ungainly out of water, these reptiles ar supremely well custom-made swimmers. Males average ten to fifteen feet (3 t…

Bald eagle

The bald eagle,, with its snowy-feathered (not bald) head and white tail, is that the proud national bird image of the United States—yet the bird was nearly drained there. for several decades, bald eagles were probe for sport and for the "protection" of fishing grounds. Pesticides like pollutant additionally wreaked mayhem on eagles and different birds. These chemicals collect in fish, that structure most of the eagle's diet. They weaken the bird's eggshells and severely restricted their ability to breed. Since pollutant use was heavily restricted in 1972, eagle numbers have rebounded considerably and are power-assisted by introduction programs. The result's a life success story—the U.S. Fish and life Service has upgraded the birds from vulnerable to vulnerable
Though their numbers have grownup in a lot of of their vary, bald eagles stay most plentiful in Last Frontier and North American nation. These powerful birds of prey use their talons to fish, however they g…