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Nicobar pigeon

Is one of the most beautiful birds in the family bathroom , which is characterized by beautiful colored feathers and is the largest of its peers Aftolha about 40 cm and weighs a bit heavy
Live Nicobar pigeon as the name suggests in the Nicobar Islands in the South-East Asia , as there are in Ibandaman Islands and New Guinea and in areas as far north , followed by access to the Philippines

Adoption Nicobar pigeon nests of dry twigs on the branches of trees , and alternating male and female on the lap of the eggs for two weeks until they hatch to produce small chicks completely bare of feathers 

And is characterized by the presence of the Nicobar pigeon white mark at the end of its tail to indicate the bird full adulthood and who is qualified to instruct the rest of the squadron during the flight , when the birds saw from behind the brand leader followed safely