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Chimpanzees communicate even without a highly evolved voice box using gestures, something which is quite common in the animal kingdom, something that any observer who watches closely can ascertain within a few hours of watching animals in their natural habitat. That should not surprise us much, but since it has surprised some, let's talk.
There was an interesting article recently in BBC's Earth News Edition Online titled "Chimpanzees' 66 Gestures Revealed" by Victoria Gill (Science and Nature Reporter) which was published on May 5, 2011. The article states that "previously it was estimated that chimps used about 30 gestures" - but I find all this rather troubling, especially in the assumptions being made, after all the story was about a PhD researcher who spent 266 days in a wildlife refuge in Uganda.
Well, consider if you will that this is merely a sliver of the total number of chimpanzee troops in the world, and that being in a refuge is a …