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HolycowofanimalsinIndiaworshipedbythepeopleand sayit isthesourceofgoodnessandthrivecowthemgoingin the streets ofIndiawithout beinginterceptedone is therebecausethisis a crimepunishable bylaw,Indiahasthelargestlivestockofcowsin the world becausethatisprohibitedslaughteredcowassacred

ndia is as foreseeable as a schizophrenic's disposition. In Rajasthan's Pushkar, i could not walk onto a steps as a result of i used to be "too attractive." I hadn't showered in four days, hadn't worn make-up in seven, and was habilimented in shapeless garments additional appropriate a bum than a materialistic mortal. however my shoulders weren't coated.

I have had my breasts grasped by Indian men whereas walking, sleeping in associate long bus, and seated  by the window in a very moving train. In Hampi, once a male friend and that i rode bicycles, a throng of twelve-year-olds abandoned their cricket game to accost USA. He rode ahead as they high-fived him and loud their love for…

African elephant

Is the largestwild animallike an elephantAsianand differsin the earbecause theAfrican elephanthasauthorizedas large asthe fanmovesback and forthto reducethe temperature andthe skinisroughphenomenonand skin coloris notblacklike theAsian elephant, butthe colorbrownfor a reasonto sleep inwater and mud, therefore changingskin colorto brownand strangest Asian elephantivoryis havingin themaleandfemaleandtheAsianelephantIvorypresenceonlyin the male

Home toliveandfood

There is a continentAvriqiaanAfrican elephanteat foodin the day andthe night andcometo discussfood and waterabout 18-20hours a dayand foodlovingfoliagefresh and driedrindof trees, fruits, andthe amount of fooda daybetween100-120kgandwater about80-150litersand ifComparewiththeAsianelephanttheAfrican elephanteatslessthantheAsianelephant

Behavior and reproduction

 Preparing Africanelephantreproductionafter reachingabout5-18yearsoldand oftenspawnin winter andpregnancytakesbetween22-24monthsandgenerateeachtimeonlyonenewborn babyhas long …

India Elephant

Backconvexslightly,slightly higher than theshoulder andrump,andrangesrisingIndian elephantmaleat the shoulderof the(2-3), and weighs about(1000kg), and the total length ofthe largestelephantIndian(3 m), while rising upFemale elephant about Indian(2 m)and weigh about3000kg

But mostoftheIndianelephantspale grayskincolor, perhapspunctuated bypatches ofpinkorwhite,IndianandPhilSnamanwhensubmittedbytheheadandabovetheears. TheIndianelephant earshalf the size oftheAfricanelephant earsand do not coverthe shoulders
But most of theIndianmaleelephantstusksgrowupto(1 -1.5 m). However, someIndianmaleelephantsandcalledMkoaczwithouttusks, and mostfemaleswithoutthem, butfor somefemalecaninestoo short

Hose Indianelephantskinsofterhosefrom the skin oftheAfricanelephant, and there is a fleshybumpandone at thetipintheformofafinger. ButmostoftheIndianelephantsfivetoesoneachfrontfootandfouron each footbackground

Reem sand gazelle

Thelargestdeer speciesintheArab region and thebelongstobovidsfamilyofthefeaturesitslacklustersandycolor, the inner partof the listsand abdomencoveredwithbright whitehair. Facial lines andloinis unclear,thetotalbodylengthrangesfrom95to120 cmshoulderheight60to70cm, the length of the ear11to13cm, lengthcenturies,males20to30cm,andforfemalescenturiesshortandthin. Environment:familiarsandydesertsanda fewgrassareasandsandyvalleysand open areasandhighlands. Regions ofits presence inthe Kingdom:was presentinlargenumbersin the areas ofsand dunesin the Empty Quarter,anddesertNafud, andwaswidelyspreadintheArabianPeninsula.There are currently limitednumbersin some parts ofthe Empty Quarter.Geographical Distribution:wasspreadwidelyprevalentin the Arabian Peninsulanorth tothe eastandTurkeyin Iran, southern Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan to China
                  Ghazal of animals active at dawn and sunset, and some of them live in the quiet mountain valleys, and the other in the sandy deserts. And…

Bronzed cowbird

Bronzed Cowbird, which wasknownastheCowbirdredeyes).There arefromthesouthernU.S. statesof California, Arizona, NewMexico, Texas, Louisiana and SouthCentralAmericathrough thePanama

The largest of our cowbirds, the suntanned incorporates a rather sinister look due to the male’s generally kyphotic look and bloodred eye. It offers Associate in Nursing odd hovering show that's distinctive. Polytypic. Length 8.7" 22 cm).

Identification A thick-set New World blackbird with an oversized and deep black bill. Males particularly might look proportionately tiny headed, particularly once ruffling the rear feathers in show. Legs black. Adult male: entirely black with suntanned body brightness, turning into blue-green on wings and tail. Eyes bright red. Adult female: varies geographically. additional widespread jap taxonomic category incorporates a black feminine feather, lacking sturdy gloss, with browner wings and tail. Eyes red. Juvenile: almost like feminine however dark brown.

Geographic …

Roller Ground

Short-legged_Ground-rollerRollerGroundTheshortlegs(Brachypteracias leptosomus)is a type ofbirdin the familyBrachypteraciidae.ItisendemicinMadagascar.Theirnaturalhabitatissubtropicalortropical moistlowlandforests. Is threatened byhabitatloss

This tight lipped, arboreal bird is that the largest of the 5 species of rain forest ground rollers. It typically seems nearly immobile, perching static for long periods up to associate degree hour at a time), creating it troublesome to search out . With short legs, massive head and puffy throat, it's a plump look . The higher elements square measure middle green-brown with a purple iridescent color to the rear crown and rear, whereas the underparts square measure a lot of paler compared The cheeks and throat square measure maroon-brown, patterned with white spots and finite by a good, white, crescent breast band . The long tail has white recommendations on the outer feathers and there square measure fine white tips to the wing-coverts The bill …

Southern a blatant crowned bird

Southern screamer / Crested screameris a group ofaquatic birds.Closely related tobirdDuckGoose(Magpie). Itbecomeslessofotherwaterfowl. There are three typesofblatantbirdthat liveinsub-tropical andtropicalregionin South Americablatantissuedvoicesscreaming. Eachof the wingsandeatduckgrains and vegetablesand grass.Thespringbreedingseason2setsof2-7eggswhichhatchafter43-46days. This kindlivein theWetlandsInternational

It is arduous to believe that this gorgeous bird is said to the rather drab columbiform bird seen on the streets of England daily. The placing wear of blue-grey, lacy feathers is that the southern crowned-pigeon’s most distinguished feature, with the remainder of the body covering conjointly primarily blue-grey, and its breast and belly an expensive maroon. A black ‘mask’ sits round the red eyes and its legs and feet area unit purplish-red

Also referred to as
    maroon-breasted topped columbiform bird, covert goura, Scheepmaker’s crowned-pigeon.
    Paloma Crestada Diam…

Bobo Blackbird

As its common name suggests, the rusty grackle (Euphagus carolinus) is best distinguished by the rusty red-brown edges and tips to its feathers . associate degree otherwise fairly indistinctive, medium-sized bird with a slender bill, the rusty grackle is one in all the smallest amount accepted of the North yank blackbirds .

The distinctive rusty colouration of this species is exclusive to the winter animal material, wherever it's significantly noticeable on the upperparts of the body . throughout the winter, the male rusty grackle is defined by the rusty edges to the tertials, and by its rusty brown crown, back end and back. the remainder of the upperparts ar black, whereas the cheeks, throat, breast and sides ar lighter brown or buff . The male conjointly includes a tawny-coloured stripe on top of the attention. the feminine rusty grackle is analogous to the male, however with a conspicuous paler buff line on top of the attention .

In breeding animal material, the rusty colouring o…

Red-winged starling

Is it a bird Red-winged StarlingoftheSturnidaestarlingfamilynativetoeasternAfricafrom Ethiopia toSouth Africa's green
The wispy crest of elongate, hackled feathers on the shiny black crown of the Brahminy oscine bird (Sturnus pagodarum) distinguishes this little bird from alternative species of comparable size and colouration. The hackles might reach the back end and higher breast, that square measure each cinnamon in color with pale streaks on the feather shafts. The underparts, cheeks and throat of the Brahminy oscine bird square measure cinnamon, changing into greyer on the flanks. The mantle, back, wing-coverts and rump square measure all gray coloured with brown, whereas the blackish-brown primary feathers have some white at the bottom. The tail is grey-brown with white tips to any or all however the central combine of feathers. there's alittle whitish patch of clean skin behind the eyes, that square measure pale dark-green in color, whereas the bill is yellow, colored sl…

Fine Vairtaal

Bellaisacommonspeciesfound inAustralia.Specieslivinghabitatstemperateland ofshrubsin Australia.


Common WaxbillalsoknownasSaint HelenaWaxbillisasmallpasserinebirdbelongingtotheFinchfamilyestrildid.It is native tosub-Saharan Africabut has beenintroduced tomany other regionsof the world

A small bird endemic to Republic of India, the inexperienced weaverbird (Amandava formosa) is known as for its light-weight olive-green to green-yellow upperparts and wings. it's a straw throat and chest, turning into bright yellow lower on the belly , and its flanks area unit barred black and white , with the feathers typically tipped with yellow The inexperienced avadavat’s black tail is brief and slightly rounded

The bill of the inexperienced weaverbird is brief and pointed and could be a distinctive bright red. The eyes of this species area unit dark brown, and its legs and feet area unit pinkish-brown .

The female inexperienced weaverbird is comparable to the male in look, however is duller overall, coloured with ashy-grey or brown on top of and paler below. the feminine conjointly has additio…

Lonchura cantans


African (Lonchura cantans)isasmallpasserinebirdisalready Silver bill speciesofAsianIndian, this isFinchestrildidacommonresidentbreeding birdsinthedrysavannahhabitats, tothesouthofthe Sahara.Has also been shownfor this kind offew countriessuch as Portugal, Qatar, andthe United States

This species could be a massive oscine with a significant, slightly hooked bill. Males area unit yellow in color on the pinnacle and breast, with a yellow-grey back and rump, and boring white underparts. The wings and tail feathers area unit darker with golden-yellow edges . Females and juveniles disagree slightly to males in look, being greyer on top of and on the hindneck. They even have fine streaks on the pinnacle, breast, and back, and greyer edges on the wing feathers. This finch's decision sounds like that of a canary

small blackbird

As its common name suggests, the rusty grackle (Esophagus carolinus) is best distinguished by the rusty red-brown edges and tips to its feathers . associate otherwise fairly in distinctive, medium-sized bird with a slender bill, the rusty grackle is one amongst the smallest amount accepted of the North Yankee blackbirds

The distinctive rusty coloration of this species is exclusive to the winter animal material, wherever it's notably noticeable on the upper parts of the body throughout the winter, the male rusty grackle is defined by the rusty edges to the tertials, and by its rusty brown crown, backside and back. the remainder of the upper parts square measure black, whereas the cheeks, throat, breast and sides square measure lighter brown or buff  The male conjointly features a tawny-coloured stripe on top of the attention . the feminine rusty grackle is comparable to the male, however with a conspicuous paler buff line on top of the attention.

In breeding animal material, the rus…

Waterfowl | Black wing verbose

A globally widespread wader, the Himantopus himantopus (Himantopus himantopus) is characterized by its very long, red legs, white abdomen and, faithful its name, jet wings. Its distinctive legs frame around sixty % of its overall height, providing it with a feeding advantage over alternative waders in deeper waters Young birds may be distinguished by a touch of dark feathers on the sometimes white head

    Length: thirty eight cm
    Wingspan: seventy five cm

The diet of the stilt plover is variable in keeping with season, however generally includes aquatic insects, molluscs, crustaceans, spiders, worms, tadpoles, small fish, fish eggs and seeds With its long legs, it will wade into deeper water, wherever it's going to be seen snatching insects that hover over the water’s surface, dipping its head below the water to catch tiny fish, or propulsion tiny worms from the mud

Black-winged stilts residing in northern regions migrate over long distances to achieve their southern winter…

Lone Pine Koala

In the state ofQueensland, Australia.Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbanewas founded in1927,is theoldestandlargestresortin the worldforkoalasanimal.On an areaof4.6hectaresbeganwith twoofkoalascalledforanimalsJack and Jill.Lone PineParkbecame knowninternationallyduringWorldWarII, whenAmericans
                  The first thing that you notice when you enter Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the sheer diversity in terms of the animals that live there. Despite the name it is not just a Koala sanctuary or and it is very educational. Lone pine is a fantastic place for all the family, and everyone will come away having learned something about Australian animals and plant species. The sanctuary's staff is approachable, knowledgeable, and friendly and makes the park very family orientated.

Lone Pine was named one of the top 10 zoos in the world by Yahoo, and is the number one rated Brisbane attraction on leading travel site Trip Adviser, and it is easy to see why. There's a lovely smell of eu…

San Diego Zoo

 Safari Park, formerly known as theSanDiegoWildAnimalPark, an area of​​730acres1800 (hectares) in theZooandtheSanPasqualeValleyin San Diego,California, nearEscondido. It is oneofthetouristattractionsin thegreaterSan Diego County.The parkhasalargecollectionofwild animalsandendangeredspecies includinganimals from thecontinents of Africa,Asia, Europe andNorth and South America, andAustralia. Parkinthesemi-arid environmentandoneofthemostprominentfeaturesandahostanimals such asantelope,giraffes, buffalo, cranes, and rhino

                  some of the animals in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park include Antelopes, Tigers, Rhinoceroses, buffalo, Cranes, Zebras, Elephants, and Giraffes. One of the main attractions is the California Candor. In fact the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is home to the California condor breeding program. If you are planning to visit the park and need a ride, you can read about this company.

The Wild Animal Park or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is visited about 2-3 million pe…

Asian Cheetah

                  It is a species of endangered cheetah and strongly, this leopard resides in is currently only in Iran, after it was widespread across the Middle East. It is now known by Fahd Iran | Iranian cheetah, and leopard lives in the Iranian desert Iranian particularly where has some protection. However, this protection is not sufficient and so to return to this desert fragmented, due to oil installations and other human development projects, which reduces the opportunity to meet with each Panthers for the purpose of mating and thus increase the genetic diversity.

Known cheetah the Indian Bafahad Asian despite the extinction of India and the Arab Bafahad in Arab areas which he lived, and the Arabs call it the tiger hunter and so did the British who saw him in India during the era of colonization of the country. Word has been launched because the princes fisherman Arabs and Indians were retain some domesticated Asian leopards and use them to fish.

Asian leopard severely endangere…

Congo gorillas

Gorillas, chimpanzees gorangutans and humans all belong to the order of primates. Human share 98.4% of their genetic material with gorillas and 98.8% with chimpanzees .Gorillas the largest of the great apes are divided into three subspecies that include the western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) and the eastern lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla graueri). The eastern and western lowland gorillas were identified for science in 1847 and 1877 respectively.

The third subspecies –the mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei),was identified for scientific purpose in the year 1903 and has gone on to become Uganda’s star attraction.

Mountain gorillas are physically distinct from lowland gorillas. They are larger have more hair a short truck a broad chest and shoulders and also have a longer and slightly different nose shape.

Mountains gorillas are born small covered with black hair and usually weigh about 2.3 kilogrammes. Gorillas develop about as twice as human ba…


Asianrhinois alreadyextinctfrom Vietnamanditremainsonly50animalsinIndonesia
                  The rhino species of  Black and White rhinoceros were present in Uganda – the Eastern Black in the North and Northwest, and the Northern White in the Northwest on the west bank of the River Nile. After the years of civil unrest, and poaching the rhinos became extinct in Uganda in 1983. The  unstable governments of Amin in 1970s  and Obote II during the 1980s  saw a lot of wildlife poached . National parks became the seat of the rebel activities and wild game was hunted with impunity. Rhinos being popular for their horns so believed that has medicine healing properties most in the Asian world. Many theories have come up with the magic which these horns can do  including curing impotence in manhood.  These theories have led to hunting of these animals and  leading to getting extinct in what used to be their habitats. New measures should be put in place to make sure that the few that are still su…

Asian Elephant

Asianelephantsuffering fromshrinkingspacesinwhichtheylivebecauseitis adjacenttothenearly 20million people, which offeritforhuntinganddiseaseandlack offood

                  Asian elephants are sometimes known as Indian elephants. They are one of the three living species of elephant. Asian elephants are found mostly in India, Indochina, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants and Asian elephants also have smaller ears. This is one of the best ways to tell Asian elephants apart from African elephants. The height of an Asian elephant ranges from 7-12 feet and they weigh approximately 3.25 to 5.5 tons. There are other physical characteristics that separate Asian elephants from their African counterparts. They have a more arched back and also have more nails on the feet. While both male and female African elephants have tusks, female Asian elephants usually do not have these tusks. Females that do have tusks often have tusks that are small and hard to se…

Bengal Tiger

Bengal tigerwonderfulbeautyof itlivein Indianowonly320animalsisendangereddue to excessivehunting

                  Solitary cats, Bengal Tigers are territorial animals. They hunt at dusk and dawn and regularly mark their territory by scent to keep out other tigers from their hunting and breeding grounds. In some national parks where they are protected, tigers have been recorded to be active in daytime as well. Generally tigers prefer to stay in shade during daylight hours, particularly in the scorching summers of South Asia. Territories are smaller than those of Siberian Tigers owing to shrinking habitat of the tigers in India. Males roam over an area of twenty square miles and females hunt in a slightly smaller range of seventeen square miles. Often the territory of a single male overlaps those of several females, with whom he frequently mates. Tigers usually have more than one den in their range for them to choose as their haunt for a particular period of time

Bengal Tigers are at the…


Pandaendangeredbecauseofthehightemperatures thatspoilfoodtimberbamboostalks                                      whether or not   you might be   a great  animal lover,  an individual   can\'t   assistance  but  end up being   definitely  enchanted  by the  giant panda bear. Native  for you to  Southwestern China,  You can find  fewer  when compared with  2500 left  for the  wild.  these are   a great  rare member  of an  bear family, but don't  store   such as the  bears  we  commonly see.  these are generally   of  course, distinctly white  with  with black eye-patches (like  the  racoon), black ears, arms, legs  IN ADDITION TO  feet. Outside  involving  seeing giant pandas  from  television, catching  an  glimpse  regarding   sole   will be   absolutely no   simple and easy   job  – they  cannot   always be  found  inside  very  several  zoos  inside  North America.  the   then   Least complicated  thing, however,  is usually a  giant  filled  panda.  these are  abundantly  e…