Reem sand gazelle

The largest deer species in the Arab region and the belongs to bovids family of the features its lackluster sandy color, the inner part of the lists and abdomen covered with bright white hair. Facial lines and loin is unclear, the total body length ranges from 95 to 120 cm shoulder height 60 to 70 cm, the length of the ear 11 to 13 cm, length centuries, males 20 to 30 cm, and for females centuries short and thin. Environment: familiar sandy deserts and a few grass areas and sandy valleys and open areas and highlands. Regions of its presence in the Kingdom: was present in large numbers in the areas of sand dunes in the Empty Quarter,and desert Nafud, and was widely spread in the Arabian Peninsula.There are currently limited numbers in some parts of the Empty Quarter. Geographical Distribution: was spread widely prevalent in the Arabian Peninsula north to the east and Turkey in Iran, southern Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan to China

                  Ghazal of animals active at dawn and sunset, and some of them live in the quiet mountain valleys, and the other in the sandy deserts. And live on a few plants such as grasses, herbs and shrubs, and in times of drought feed on dry desert shrubs. Deer fall under antelope species in the Antelope clan.
The middle of the Arabian Peninsula in the arid mountain valleys and desert areas and valleys of gravel. As there are types live in Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and North East Africa.
Deer live between 10-15 years old, live in the lives of families and within the reserves most of his life in nature that exposure to many risks and enemies Little newborn can run hours after the drought of his body, and is associated with the mother during the first period of breastfeeding, and small learn a lot from the sex characteristics of the mother and little remains securely in place. During the first two weeks after birth, little movement, do not get up, but when you see his mother, and when his mother adhesion prescribed in their infancy.
After eight weeks the young will be able to live without milk. And young start in the formation of groups of foreplay and play at sundown. After the activity and play diverge to prosecute young mothers, and end stage of the prosecution mothers young accession to the female herd, where young people participate in daily activities and move with the herd. And recognize through the follow-up of young adults on how to avoid the risks and adapt to the environment. Upon completion of the growth of young females remain with the herd while unfailing males to join the group of bachelors
Food and drinking water Eat green herbs, and short dry plants, leaves and buds, and loves to drink large quantities of water, although it resists drought for long periods, and bear thirst Food deer in captivity
Feeds on clover dried and concentrated feed, in addition to the presence of mineral salts (and provide sources of drinking water in different places of the reserves or barns 

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