Roller Ground

Short-legged_Ground-roller Roller Ground The short legs (Brachypteracias leptosomus) is a type of bird in the family Brachypteraciidae. It is endemic in Madagascar. Their natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. Is threatened by habitat loss

 This tight lipped, arboreal bird is that the largest of the 5 species of rain forest ground rollers. It typically seems nearly immobile, perching static for long periods up to associate degree hour at a time), creating it troublesome to search out . With short legs, massive head and puffy throat, it's a plump look . The higher elements square measure middle green-brown with a purple iridescent color to the rear crown and rear, whereas the underparts square measure a lot of paler compared The cheeks and throat square measure maroon-brown, patterned with white spots and finite by a good, white, crescent breast band . The long tail has white recommendations on the outer feathers and there square measure fine white tips to the wing-coverts The bill is powerful, slightly hooked and dark brown The territorial decision of the short-legged roller may be detected in early morning or evening, as an extended series of single ‘bop’ notes perennial all to 2 seconds for around four minutes
 In distinction, the contact decision of this species may be a a lot of quieter ‘kroo-kroo’ or ‘poop’, detected throughout the day.

    Length: thirty - thirty eight cm
    Male weight: 186 g
                     feminine weight: 154 g

The least terrestrial of the bottom roller species, the short-legged roller spends the bulk of its time perked up on branches two to15 meters on top of ground looking for prey ninety % of that is invertebrates. The remaining simple fraction is created of tiny vertebrates, like frogs, geckos, lizards and snakes.

Nesting in tree cavities and also the root plenty of epiphytes, the short-legged roller re-nests chop-chop once natural nest failure. Pairs occupy neighboring territories in appropriate surroundings, with the house vary of 1 try found to be nineteen hectares  Observation of 1 try of short-legged ground rollers found the nesting amount to be around thirty days

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