Andean cat

The chain cat is taken into account to be one in every of the foremost vulnerable wild cats within the world and maybe the rarest South yank filed, and nevertheless is one in every of the smallest amount glorious cat species it's terribly rare, and its similarities to the additional common South yank geographical region cat (Leopardus colocolo) have created finding out this species even tougher There are solely one or two of observations of the chain cat within the wild, few images taken and simply some repository skins and skulls are preserved it's delineated  as atiny low however durable cat, with long ash-gray fur brindled with rusty red spots the perimeters square measure marked with thick dark stripes extending down from the rear and outstanding dark gray bars come across its chest and forelegs  The tail is thick and long, at regarding seventy p.c of the cat’s head-body length, and is banded with roughly seven dark rings. Its nose is black, and its belly pale with dark spots

Also referred to as
 chain mountain cat, mountain cat..
    Oreailurus jacobita.
    Chat Des mountain chain.
    Chinchay, Gato Andino, Gato Lince, Osjo.

    4 kg

Essentially nothing {is glorious|is understood|is thought} regarding the biology and behavior of the Andean|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} cat Its range is therefore remote and inhospitable it's evidenced extraordinarily tough to survey the realm and there aren't any chain cats known to be in captivity . information is constructed up from rare sightings of the animal, physiological studies of stuffed specimens and additional recently genetic analysis of stool

The Andean|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} cat’s range will seem to coincide with the distribution of the mountain chinchillas (Chinchilla lanigera) and viscachas (Lagidium spp.), and it's been ascertained looking these species each prey species get away predators by bounding off rock faces and creating unpredictable changes in direction. The chain cat’s long tail most likely aids in balance once chasing these rodents The chain cat’s diet could or might not embody alternative species, like birds, reptiles and alternative tiny rodents, however there's no data on this  This tiny cat has associate acute sense of hearing, which can assist in looking, owing to its well developed ear drums This adaptation is typical of animals that inhabit arid environments with very little protect protection, like the gnawing animal species

The chain cat could suffer from competition with the geographical region cat (Leopardus colocolo) for food and area. The geographical region cat happens in higher numbers within the mountain chain, and additionally occupies the lower, additional productive regions of the mountain chain, which can constrain the chain cat The chain cat includes a considerably lower population than the geographical region cat and is believed to measure in low densities, tho' no figures square measure glorious  It seems to be extraordinarily specialised in its environment needs, and also the presence of rocky piles and boulders is also importan

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