Elephant is also of the animals sacred to Indians because of their importance as they sponsored the elephant, Beauty and decorated and is used in religious ceremonies have in the past was acquired elephants kings Indians

Rajasthan is one among the foremost far-famed places in Asian nation. it's far-famed for variety of reasons. it's far-famed as a color ful state, then as a historical place, then permanently cuisines and for several different reasons. Rajasthan isn't identified just for even-toed ungulates and for camel festivals however folks conjointly recognize this place for Elephant competition. Tourists from completely different elements of the globe visit Rajasthan for collaborating in Jaipur Elephant competition. This distinctive competition offers you a chance to look at the durable image of royal Rajputs-the elephants.

The Elephant competition of Rajasthan is control per annum in Jaipur-which is that the Pink town of Rajasthan. This nonpareil event is well known at some point before the nice competition Holi-the competition of colours. Even within the past, Elephants are used as a royalty image particularly in our Indian society. folks believe that the elephant-headed God Ganapati is that the foremost to entire gods and it's aforementioned that the Ganesa is that the remover of all the obstacles of our life. thus elephants square measure used united of the foremost vital a part of completely different events like processions, marriage, ceremonies etc. Even they need historical importance conjointly and were thought of united of the foremost important half in any of parcel of land.

In Elephant competition, elephants square measure clothed and tidy superbly with decorated and colourful parasols and velvet rugs on the complete moon day of Phalgun Purnima. they're adorned nicely with significant elephant jewelry and conjointly with lovely bells. you may conjointly wish to see completely different ancient Indian motifs painted nicely on the bodies of Elephants. of these decoration of the elephants square measure done by their Mahouts.

Usually this nice competition starts with the large procession of the superbly painted and adorned elephants giving a royal look. The arrival of the elephants together with their mahouts to the bottom is related to loud blows of bankiya and sound of nagadas. All the feminine elephants square measure the participants of this colourful competition. The special options of this nice competition square measure Elephant race, Elephant polo and conjointly the tug of war between nineteen men and girls and therefore the elephant. Here you'll conjointly relish the live performances of musicians and dancers. during this grand competition you'll conjointly relish lancers on horses, palanquins and camels and chariots. This competition is visited by an enormous crowd. It needs an outsized house thus it's organized in Jaipur Polo Ground.

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