is a huge elephant extinct was living in Central Europe million years ago, and remnants found select a height of about 4.5 meters up Garbh his shoulders, was a contemporary of prehistoric man in Siberia in particular.It was first discovered the full body of a mammoth elephant at the mouth of the Lena River, north of Siberia, which is buried under a layer of ice that saved completely intact for thousands of years and in the year 1798, which with swastikas canines and wild hair.He was a contemporary of the enormous pile Rhino and Tiger Saifi huge fangs

      Mammoth ranks high among the fossils known, where they found the bodies of animals Mammoth complete and preserved in the ice in Siberia. Parents thought it residue animals immortalized huge. The scientists found that the animals were mammoths eat pine needles leaves and buds of plants

Mammoth fossils found in Europe and America. The oldest dates Mammoth bones found in western Africa to about four million years ago. Mammoth has spread to other continents where he arrived to North America by a million and a half years. The people in the prehistoric mammoth hunt for food. And found pictures of the Mammoth carved on the walls of caves in southern France. Mammoths disappeared about 10,000 years ago

Search for mammoth animal and report information on Mammoth
Kchwt in Russia Female animal mammoths at the age of six months, the scientists said they had died ten thousand years ago

Some scientists hope that the examination reveals "DNA that any" about the possibility of this type of cloning extinct animals scientists and which is considered to have been present at the time when human civilization arose eight thousand years ago

The cause of the extinction of mammoths

Several theories have emerged to explain this puzzle, including the indictment of humans who arrived in North America from Central Asia that they Officials for this extinction due to overfishing, and the belief in the existence of a mysterious disease was responsible for the elimination of mammoths.
But new studies have proved that climatic shifts are responsible for the extinction of mammoths animal      

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