Red-striped Flowerpecker

Is a type of bird in the family Dicaeidae. It is endemic in the Philippines. Their natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests

This species contains a terribly massive vary, and thus doesn't approach the thresholds for Vulnerable beneath the vary size criterion (Extent of incidence <20,000 km2 combined with a declining or unsteady vary size, environs extent/quality, or population size and a tiny low variety of locations or severe fragmentation). The population trend seems to be stable, and thus the species doesn't approach the thresholds for Vulnerable beneath the population trend criterion >30% decline over 10 years or 3 generations

 The population size has not been quantified, however it's not believed to approach the thresholds for Vulnerable beneath the population size criterion (<10,000 mature people with a unbroken decline calculable to be >10% in 10 years or 3 generations, or with a given population structure). For these reasons the species is evaluated as Least Concern

The Cebu flowerpecker has been the main focus of variety of conservation efforts since its discovery. In 2009, it had been chosen because the flagship species for country Birdwatching honest, the most important honest of its kind within the world, and therefore the the} Philippines Department of business has also pledged support for the species, as well as resource for conservation efforts by the Cebu diversity Conservation Foundation  Conservation actions for the species have thus far enclosed environs rehabilitation, makes an attempt to manage timber cooking and forest clearance, the planting of corridors to link remaining forest patches, and analysis into the flowerpecker’s ecology. One web site wherever the Cebu flowerpecker happens, the Nug-as Forest, is managed and guarded, and native forest wardens frequently patrol each this and Dalaguete forest patches. an additional web site which will hold the species, Malabuyoc, is inside the borders of a cement company reserve, whereas another, Mt. Lantoy, has been declared a Watershed Forest Reserve  the positioning of the Cebu flowerpecker’s discovery, at Tabunan, has conjointly been the topic of a project to support the protection and recovery of the forest and to market the property use of its resources.

Further conservation measures which will profit the Cebu flowerpecker embrace distinctive and measuring all remnant forest patches, endeavor additional analysis into the species’ ecology and its interactions with the red-striped flowerpecker, and additional environs rehabilitation and management (2) (4). The designation of Mt. Lantoy as a park and therefore the strict formal protection of all Cebu’s remaining forest are desperately required if this tiny, colorful, however extremely vulnerable bird is to square any probability of survival

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