A fast-swimming predator, the swordfish (Xiphias gladius) gets its name from its extraordinarily long, flat, sword-like bill, that is employed to impale or slash its prey. The swordfish, the sole living member of the Xiphiidae , has a long, cylindrical blackish-brown body that gently fades to light-brown on the bottom  The body tapers to massive anal fins, that together with the high fin alter economical cruising. Adult swordfish area unit unarmoured and possess no teeth; swordfish but one meter long have little spines on the body and fine, file-like teeth sometimes, feminine swordfish grow larger and live longer than males

Swordfish have evolved to be formidable predators. They possess acute visual modality, with that they'll find prey, and their flesh consists primarily of ‘white’ muscle that provides energy for fulminant bursts of activity, like once in pursuit of their quarry . The swordfish then uses its bill to stun or impale its victim, slashes it into items or swallows it whole  Swordfish feed throughout the day totally on squid, however conjointly fish and infrequently crustaceans They undertake vertical migrations within the ocean, following the movement of the many little shrimp, fish and squid that move with the dynamic  intensity during a (somewhat unsuccessful) arrange to avoid predators not like some fish, swordfish area unit unable to keep up a vital sign above the temperature of the encompassing water. Instead, they need a novel muscle and brown tissue that warms blood flowing to the brain and eyes, facultative it to tolerate the intense cold of the ocean depths

Swordfish conjointly undertake prolonged seasonal migrations, to temperate or cold waters within the summer wherever they feed, and back to heat waters in season for spawning . not like tuna, that have largely ‘red’ muscle that is nice for endurance activities, the largely ‘white’ muscle of swordfish isn't suited to swimming for long periods while not fatigue so, swordfish undertake their long migrations by moving with prevailing currents .

Spawning happens year-round  in heat equatorial waters, whereas in cooler regions it happens within the spring and summer the simplest renowned spawning grounds of the swordfish area unit found within the sea, south of the peninsula and Sicily Swordfish eggs are found here from Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month, and huge numbers of juveniles occur throughout the Mediterranean from Gregorian calendar month to March Fertilisation is external , whereby a feminine releases numerous buoyant eggs into the water, that area unit then fertilized by sperm cell secreted by the male. From the fertilized eggs hatch swordfish larvae. At solely four millimetres long, with a brief snout, and distinct, prickly scales , the larvae is immensely totally different to the nice predator it'll become. throughout the primary year of life the larvae grow at an outstanding rate, reaching a length of ninety centimetres . feminine swordfish area unit thought to succeed in maturity at around one hundred fifty centimetres; whereas males area unit thought to mature at abundant smaller sizes, maybe at around one hundred centimetres

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