Belted Kingfishers square measure thick, large-headed birds with a shaggy crest on the highest and back of the pinnacle and a straight, thick, pointed bill. Their legs square measure short and their tails square measure medium length and square-tipped


Color Pattern

These kingfishers square measure powder blue higher than with fine, white recognizing on the wings and tail. The underparts square measure white with a broad, blue breast band. Females even have a broad rusty band on their bellies. Juveniles show irregular rusty recognizing within the breast band



Belted Kingfishers pay abundant of their time perked alone on the sides of streams, lakes, and estuaries, sorting out little fish. They additionally fly quickly up and down rivers and shorelines giving loud rattling calls. They hunt either by plunging directly from a perch, or by hovering over the water, bill downward, before diving when a fish they’ve noticed



Kingfishers live close to streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and estuaries. They nest in burrows that they poke into soft stuff banks, sometimes adjacent to or directly over water. Kingfishers pay winters in areas wherever the water doesn’t freeze so they need continual access to their aquatic foods

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