Full-year pregnancy mother and father watching at the time of birth
The zebra is the type of the African horse, a mammal scheme stripes black and white alternating, and are lines with a distinctive style for each member of the platoon, so that will not be repeated when another individual at all, for that is the characteristic of each individual as a fingerprint of a human! It features zebra ears and two big eyes and long tail as it features a prolific neck and hair erect vertically to black and 
white in color

These lines provide the so-called animal (chromatography Baltstat) of the limits of body, Vtakhtlt the colors between the grass and the shadows, making it difficult monsters that are attacking herds of zebras identify a particular individual when dripping fleeing in different directions
There are three main types of genus belonging to the zebra graded below many varieties Oalone the secondary The main species are

* Ass (Greve): It is the largest types of zebras and most distinguished and height of up to 1.5 meters at the shoulder and weighs about 400 kg, with black ribbons thin and compact, making it the most beautiful among the rest of the species, and extends streaks white and black to all parts of the body even hooves, leaving only white belly. Has legs Taiwiltan and head of black hair and a long and large Daúceka ears

* Ass (mountain): was called by that name because he lives on the slopes of the mountains, weighs about 300 kg, and looks like a regular red in his looks, his short, it is long and has a relatively sharp hooves and accurate
Live this kind in small herds, one of the smaller types of zebras, a burly and symmetrical body-color silvery white and outline fonts black that extends to all parts of the body except the abdomen and the inner parts of the members, but the lines that cover the head is brown, and the legs short and slender but strong. He was deployed heavily in the past, but preparation began to decline due to intensive hunting him

* Ass (lateral): It is (Sahli) is the most prevalent species and belongs to several minor species such as: Zebra Grant, Damara, Koaja the
And moving this kind (Sahli) in the large herds across the plains stretching in the center and west of Africa
The color is pale yellow, and black lines outline a broad and clear, and  shades lighter lines and colors tend to light brown
In some species lines are extended to all parts of the body, even hooves, as in the sub-type (Burchell) most prevalent
In some of the lower part of the legs are white in color and in others such as class Alkuaja which became extinct during the nineteenth century fonts do not cover is the head, neck and shoulders and be dark-colored lines

Zebra live in the area stretching from the south-east of Sudan to South Africa and west to Angola, where he lives on grass in areas easy atmosphere and the savannah area and on the slopes of the mountains
And you can see the zebra (Sahli) in an area stretching from southern Sudan to West Africa and extends as far south as River Zambasi in Angola and Namibia to the north in South Africa, as can be seen in circuses and zoos because it is the most common species in these days

The zebra (mountain) can be seen on the slopes of the mountain group extended in South Africa
For the wild donkey (Greve) can be seen in the west of Africa and in the semi-desert areas of northern Kenya, and extends to the neighboring parts of Ethiopia and Somalia, as can be seen in the national parks and nature reserves
Zebra is one of the most successful herbal animals to adapt to different environments and with different types of herbs to His presence extends over a wide geographical area

And the eyes of the donkey being able to see a wide area, and the hearing has strong and can be performed under the guidance ears to the sound source in order to hear better without that shall move his body, which assisted in maintaining its presence and escape large monsters and predators are trying to Afterash
As to the color of his skin planned disperses the attacking animals of the herd and prevents them from identifying the particular individual's body
He lives for a period ranging between 20 and 25 years old, if not subjected to an unfortunate incident between the jaws of a hungry lion Ounmr looking for food


Zebra fed herbal plants in plain areas and savanna areas and mountainous areas and on papyrus plants can also eat barley, fruits, buds, leaves and roots of the plants
Social life

Zebra live in groups called (the herd), is the author of many families each family containing so-called commander stallion and several females that male and tracking be interconnected with the family in addition to small and zebras called dowry. Ass (Sahli) is the most coherent for the rest of the species. The herd limits interfere with other herbal herds of animals and vary in size and location according to the seasons and the abundance of food. There are also herds composed of male and female singles and composed of members not yet constitute a family of small or could not formed


Activity and effectiveness

Zebras are more active in the daytime, while individually spend nights on short grasses and safe from the monsters
In the morning, while spreads warmth moving the herd to pasture with tall grass, and the group moves between water and pasture areas type is considered the most important aspects of the activity in her life also provides an opportunity for the exercise of the collective activity of members of the herd and acquaintance with each other
As at noon and in the hot weather, the herd begins to move towards the longer grass pastures and perhaps walking for 17 kilometers before night falls
And be the middle of the day is the pinnacle of social activity, especially for unmarried male donkey brutal where he will meet and many members of its kind in the massive movement of the herd between pastures and water and Sleep
Monitoring team
And zebras gather in large herds to protect her from enemies where there is in all 
members of the herd to control for fear of predators attack, which threatens the herd when you see the enemy Fever herd where males are regularly provided to protect the females and young
Consists of the same family for donkey brutal commander called stallion and the number of females and 26 many  Where the male to protect the family against any threat to its survival and as long as the male leader was able to protect  limits boycott it ensures the subordination of females and loyalty to him. And when Owaijerh kills seriously Oasubh the age mentioned a great leader and can not defend his family and the limits of the boycott comes another adult male expelled them and takes all Anath
Life dowry
Females become critical within two years of age and be prepared to give birth when they reach 3 years. As for males, they leave the herd when she automatically between 23 years of age where join the herd of male singles and remain there until about 5 years old approx
At this age, each of which begins in trying to configure a family of his own, either by attracting a group of female neighbors and family composition new family Oopalastellae to a family that already exist after overcoming its leader in a fierce battle between the two
Become a female is ready to carry when she turns 3 years old, and the duration of pregnancy when the zebras about a full year, and may extend to 13 months in the type of zebra Greve, the female gives birth to a baby one in every pregnancy is often repeated pregnancy every two years, and can occur birth in any month of the year
But the favorite time of birth is the rainy season, and at birth and the arrival of a new baby pony remain a mother with her new baby is 2 km away from the water within the boundaries of the herd to which it belongs
Parents care


The mother at birth step down aside from the herd remains observers her father until birth. The newborn weighs between 3133 kg and a new baby can breastfeeding after only one hour of birth and can stand on its own feet after only 15 minutes of birth
And maternal and newborn remain for several days away from the rest of zebras and prevent the rest of the herd approaching him, but when the newborn is able to recognize his mother, they allow the rest of the herd to approach him. It remains born three months without drinking water, and left in the care of his mother's father When I go into the water. The color strips on a brown pony skin at birth
The natural enemies of brutal donkeys are carnivorous predators of lions, hyenas, wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs cheetah
The zebra defend himself and his family by strong kicks his feet, as well as teeth bites, also depends on the running speed as they reach a speed of 60 km per hour at escape from the enemy

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