small blackbird

As its common name suggests, the rusty grackle (Esophagus carolinus) is best distinguished by the rusty red-brown edges and tips to its feathers . associate otherwise fairly in distinctive, medium-sized bird with a slender bill, the rusty grackle is one amongst the smallest amount accepted of the North Yankee blackbirds

The distinctive rusty coloration of this species is exclusive to the winter animal material, wherever it's notably noticeable on the upper parts of the body throughout the winter, the male rusty grackle is defined by the rusty edges to the tertials, and by its rusty brown crown, backside and back. the remainder of the upper parts square measure black, whereas the cheeks, throat, breast and sides square measure lighter brown or buff  The male conjointly features a tawny-coloured stripe on top of the attention . the feminine rusty grackle is comparable to the male, however with a conspicuous paler buff line on top of the attention.

In breeding animal material, the rusty coloring of this blackbird becomes less apparent, with the male changing into typically uniform dark black on top of usually with a shiny blue-green to light-green gloss the feminine is usually associate modest grey-brown , though darker on top of, conjointly with a small blue-green gloss

Both the male and feminine rusty grackle possess putting yellow eyes and an extended, square-tipped tail  The juvenile rusty grackle resembles the adult, however is often a lot of browner and features a paler line on top of the attention the attention of the juvenile bird is at first brown, changing into yellow in its 1st fall

The male rusty grackle features a high , effervescent song , comprising up to 3 warbled notes ending during a higher, rising note, that is with competence likened to a rusty gate creaking. the decision of the rusty grackle is sometimes a harsh ‘check’

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