Southern a blatant crowned bird

Southern screamer / Crested screamer is a group of aquatic birds. Closely related to bird Duck Goose (Magpie). It becomes less of other waterfowl. There are three types of blatant bird that live in sub-tropical and tropical region in South America blatant issued voices screaming. Each of the wings and eat duck grains and vegetables and grass. The spring breeding season 2 sets of 2-7 eggs which hatch after 43-46 days. This kind live in the Wetlands International

It is arduous to believe that this gorgeous bird is said to the rather drab columbiform bird seen on the streets of England daily. The placing wear of blue-grey, lacy feathers is that the southern crowned-pigeon’s most distinguished feature, with the remainder of the body covering conjointly primarily blue-grey, and its breast and belly an expensive maroon. A black ‘mask’ sits round the red eyes and its legs and feet area unit purplish-red

Also referred to as
    maroon-breasted topped columbiform bird, covert goura, Scheepmaker’s crowned-pigeon.
    Paloma Crestada Diamond State Scheepmaker.

A fairly sociable species, the southern crowned-pigeon is typically encountered in little teams of 3 to seven people, though massive flocks of up to thirty are discovered within the past. In these parties, they search on the forest floor for fallen fruits and seeds, and additionally take advantage of little crabs found on muddy stream banks . throughout the most well liked a part of the day, the southern crowned-pigeon perches in dense shrubs, trying to flee the tropical heat . If disturbed, the southern crowned-pigeon can usually last cowl, however if sufficiently afraid, it'll fly to a perch in a very massive tree and can stay there, nervously wagging its tail .

Breeding within the southern crowned-pigeon has been discovered from Gregorian calendar month to early November, however the breeding season is perhaps longer than this. A well-built, neat nest made from sticks, dead stems and palm leaves with a shallow depression lined with leaves, is settled four to fifteen metres on top of ground on a limb. Into this nest one, white egg is set. Like different pigeons, the southern topped columbiform bird produces crop-milk, a alimental secretion from the liner of the crop, that is regurgitated to feed the chick

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